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 Homework & assignment help
 Our lessons follow the Australian Curriculum
 Live progress reports for parents
 Weekly marking & reporting
If your child struggles to understand basic maths concepts, they will most likely continue to fail at school until this is overcome. The best way to fix these problems is to go back to the root cause and help them recover.
Our English tuition focuses on basic grammar, essential vocabulary, and general reading and writing skills. If your child is struggling with their NAPLAN results, private online tutoring is a great way to help them succeed.


Foundation / Prep
Counting and ordering, patterns, comparing size, weight and capacity, letter sounds, blending and much more.
Level 1
Skip counting, telling time, beginning, middle and end sounds, nouns, verbs, descriptive writing and much more.
Level 2
Place value, addition and subtraction, identifying fractions, compound words, prefixes, suffixes and much more.
Level 3
Multiplication and division, converting units, homophones and homographs, verb tense, pronouns and much more.
Level 4
Fractions and mixed numbers, decimals, graphing, subject and predicate, plural nouns and much more.
Level 5
Multiplication strategies, ordering fractions, algebra, frequently confused words, clauses, fragments and much more.
Level 6
Mixed operations, word problems, prepositions, metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole and much more.


Level 7
Whole numbers, perimeters, mass, temperature, fractions, percentages and much more.
Level 8
Rational & Irrational numbers, square roots, external angles, probability and much more.
Level 9
Indices, GST, circumference, line graphs, algebraic expressions, variables and much more.
Level 10
Fractional indices, factorising, quadratic equations, standard deviation and much more.
Level 11
Factoring, logarithms, arithmetic, square root graphs, anti-derivatives and much more.
Level 12
Factor theorem, identities, equations, intersection of lines/curves and much more.


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