2016 NAPLAN Results - How does Queensland stack up?

Despite showing some improvement from previous years, Queensland still clearly trails Australia in terms of average scores across all years and disciplines according to the 2016 preliminary NAPLAN results. Of the four years and five learning areas assessed, the only mean scale score in Queensland that was higher than the Australian average wa...

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Preparing your child for kindergarten

In a recent episode of "Call the Midwife", the final words  were something like this: "We are shaped by the hands we cherish and hold in ours and then gently let go." This statement made me think of children starting Kindergarten.  During my years as a kindergarten and early childhood teacher I witnessed ...

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Is that the best you can do?

Great job!  Well done!  You need to do lots more!  You haven't answered the question.  This is your best work for the year.  How clever you are!  Great catch. All these statements are forms of feedback and many will have been used by teachers and parents when communicating with children.  Of what use...

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I Hate Times Tables!

This cry will have been heard in many households.  It can be a trigger for distress and many heated arguments between parents and children.  What is it about times tables which causes such anguish in students through their schooling and are they so important that we need expend energy worrying? Opinions are varied, as is advice,...

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Rebuilding the Missing Links

All learning follows pathways.  Whether catching a ball, reading a book, spelling a word, writing an essay, designing a costume or completing a balance sheet, skills have been learned beforehand which  assist with the current task. Students learn at different rates, beginning school with a range of abilities.  When steps in...

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