Get ready for school in 2019!

  Here are some tips that will give your child the best start for school in 2019! Structure School holidays can be a great time for children to just have fun and enjoy time with their friends. When the holidays are coming to an end, parents can find it's a struggle to get their child thinking about school again. We know f...

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Making the Most of School Holidays

In those idyllic days, twenty five years ago, when my own children were just starting school, the school holidays were looked forward to with much anticipation.  As a teacher, life for us at this time was so much easier than for other parents, because our holidays meant time together. It was a time for having experiences outside the scho...

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10 Strategies For Helping Individuals With Learning Disabilities

Parents, teachers, and employers should aim to provide a quiet area for learning and working that is away from distractions. Material should be presented in small units, as individuals with learning disabilities often have difficulty with long and detailed instructions but can process and follow smaller chunks of information. ...

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What not to say to emerging readers

This is a great video by Amy Mascott of explaining how to help maximise your child's learning during reading practice.     ...

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2016 NAPLAN Results - How does Queensland stack up?

Despite showing some improvement from previous years, Queensland still clearly trails Australia in terms of average scores across all years and disciplines according to the 2016 preliminary NAPLAN results. Of the four years and five learning areas assessed, the only mean scale score in Queensland that was higher than the Australian average wa...

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