2016 NAPLAN Results - How does Queensland stack up?

Despite showing some improvement from previous years, Queensland still clearly trails Australia in terms of average scores across all years and disciplines according to the 2016 preliminary NAPLAN results. Of the four years and five learning areas assessed, the only mean scale score in Queensland that was higher than the Australian average wa...

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Home Readers for Primary Students - is there a purpose?

Most schools around Australia will have a version of home reading as part of their English curriculum.  Books set at levels are given to children to take home and share with an adult. A written response is also often an expected part of the program.  Are they a worthy use of time?  Do they help students with their reading?&nbsp...

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Learn to spot the signs

The first signs of a possible learning disability are often there long before you notice them often misplacing homework, regular skipping words in text, or arguing with classmates. On their own, they're easy to overlook. WHAT IS A LEARNING DISABILITY? It's often easier to address what a learning disability isn't. A learnin...

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