Schoolkids Bonus

Written on the 9 November 2012

Four hundred thousand families must notify Centrelink by Christmas if their child is either starting Primary School in 2013 or if their child is moving to High School next year. This is so they do not miss out on the Schoolkids Bonus worth up to $820 per child. Under changes that came into effect this year, the bonus is now to be paid in two instalments- in January and in July- to the parents of 1.3 million school-aged children who qualify for Family Tax Benefit Part A. The bonus is worth $ 410 a year for Primary School Children and $ 820 a year for a High School Student. Eligible families received the first payment in July 2012. However families who have children starting school for the first time in 2013, and those whose children are moving on to high school, are now required to alert Centrelink about this. Centrelink is sending reminders to families by text, emails and letters advising families to register their children so they can receive the bonus in mid-January 2013.

The quickest way for families to notify Centrelink is to register their children online, telephone them, or visit a Centrelink Office in person. The Schoolkids Bonus replaces the Education Tax Refund and families no longer need to keep receipts for purchases of eligible items. The new Schoolkids Bonus will be paid automatically into parent's bank accounts. For further information contact your Centrelink Branch or Office.


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