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Written on the 28 January 2015

At 1300hometutor we often take enquiries from parents who call about English tutoring or Maths tutoring questioning whether their child is working at their expected levels for their age and grade. For the average parent trying to understand their child's report card, this can often bring up the age old question on a lot of parent's lips - "what do teachers know?"

Teachers working within the education system will always endeavour to see each student as an individual and mark their report card comments accordingly. For teachers who are working with children on a daily basis they will often develop individual strategies to ensure each student can ultimately work towards achieving at higher levels.

So then why is it that some parents consider their child's report card to be at odds with what they see them doing, or not doing, at home during homework time? We have found that all students respond to homework in differing ways and their ability to cope with working at home or on their own can differ dramatically as well. Problems completing homework are some of the main reasons parents think of tutoring and set out to find a private tutor or tutors if they also have additional children.

Engaging a Maths tutor or an English tutor is often the immediate thought for most parents in this situation, but how effective can they be and "what do teachers know?"  Engaging a private tutor with life experiences and one who has had years of classroom teaching experience means you will be engaging a properly qualified and registered teacher to assist at home with tuition.

So how do we find a tutor with these credentials? This is a question often asked of class teachers when talking with parents. Most schools are reluctant to refer a specific English tutor or Math tutors unless they have had experience working with that teacher at their school. Several of our State Governments have also advised headmasters against referring parents to any particular organisation for private tutoring as part of their guidelines for schools.

This leads many parents to searching the internet for a qualified teacher to help their child. Recent internet surveys from Google have found that some of the top search words for tutoring on the East Coast have been, Maths tutor Brisbane, tutoring Brisbane, Maths tutors and tutors Brisbane to name just a few. Similar surveys on the West Coast have shown some of the top search words for find tutor are, tutoring Perth, Maths tutor Perth and tutors Perth.

At 1300hometutor we can make the process easy as we have a dedicated team of experienced and qualified teachers in most regions of Australia and can also assist with remote students with our comprehensive online tuition programs.

So again the question "what do teachers know?" well quite a lot really and using a real teacher at home to help your child get back on track will be one of the most rewarding things you can do for your child's future.


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