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Professional School Tutoring for Prep to Year 12

Real Teachers get them back on track faster.

Teacher support at home that provides answers for children and support for parents. When we combine a real teacher in your home along with unique lessons for each child we have a winning combination. Parents and children will see immediate results which means less stress at home and a happier environment too.

Unique lessons follow the principals of "Curriculum Differentiation" to help meet the needs of all students

Children love to do things that are fun and enjoyable. All lessons provided by 1300 HOMETUTOR are presented by experienced teachers in an interactive format. Students that have struggled with the regular classroom teaching format can now work at their own pace without feeling any pressure from their fellow students .We combine regular written lesson worksheets with our interactive lessons to gain the best results for each student.

Lesson structure is set out regularly by the teachers based on each child working through lessons at their own pace, so they only move on when they are happy and confident to do so.

Further lessons can also be given to students for completion in between their teacher visits these lessons are designed so students can work in small blocks when they have the time with most lessons completed in 15 to 20 minutes. Students enjoy this format and if they miss out on a lesson they can catch up when they have the next spare time available.



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