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Vocabulary & Grammar

  • Essential foundation tools and lessons are provided by our tutors for children starting school.
  • English tutoring lessons covering the essential vocabulary topics for Years 1 to 7 especially designed for visual and auditory learners.
  • Basic grammar for primary grade students including worksheets for all levels.
  • Advanced grammar with worksheets for high school students.
  • Lessons closely follow The English Vocabulary Sequence of The New National Curriculum.
  • Younger students will learn the basic elements that help bind the Orthographics (The symbols of our language) to the Phonological (The Sound Structure) of our language.
  • Children will develop skills to enable them to decode (read) words and to encode (spell) words accurately.

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English Tutoring Testimonial

"Hi again, after calling you about Kirsty and how she is going I thought I would email you about just what happened with her and her school report. As I said to your local assessor when he came to our house Kirsty has been really struggling for a year or so. Anyway when I got her end of year report from last year it said she was getting d's for maths and english. Well it said developing actually which I was told means a D. So I went up to the school and spoke to her class teacher from last year and she said not to worry about getting tuition or anything because Kirsty would probably always just struggle along getting low marks. I was in tears when I got home because I know she is a bright kid and she should be doing a lot better.When Brian came around from hometutor I told him all that and he said just to focus on getting the right help for Kirsty at home for now and see what we can do. Well that's the reason I rang yesterday because I just got her Report and she got a C plus now for maths and english and her reading score is a lot better now too.

I am really so happy because I knew she had the ability to be doing better than she was. Kirsty has better confidence now when she is trying to do things and she is starting to enjoy school again so that makes me pretty happy I can tell you. 

Thanks very much again and I am looking forward to her next term at school and seeing her results improve again."

Gillian and Marty B.


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