Frequently Asked Questions

Are 1300HOMETUTOR lessons the same as what my child learns at school?
Our lessons follow the Australian Curriculum. Our structured lessons will help all school children improve quickly with their classroom abilities.

My child seems to have missed a lot of the basic foundations from early years. How can they get back on track?
The hands-on approach from our tutors is the answer. They will educate each child as an individual and are specially trained to pin-point learning gaps that may have developed over the years. Combined with our unique lessons that target education gaps in both Maths and English. Revision that targets "The First Missing Brick" is the cornerstone for a solid foundation and progress for all students.

How does your Tutor Support Program work?
We engage students in two important areas. We combine our online tutor sessions along with specially designed lessons that include instant reporting and feedback for each student. This all adds up to faster recovery, more confidence and a happier child as well.

How much does this support cost?
1300HOMETUTOR has two levels of support.

  1. SILVER level gives children access to all our online lessons and worksheets.
  2. GOLD level gives children access to our one to one tutor support and individualised lessons, this helps all students by supplying a structured learning experience.

Click here for more information on our online tutoring packages and pricing.

How do I get started?
Simply complete the Quick Enquiry form below or call one of our friendly staff for assistance.



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