Autism Tutoring

What exactly is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can make it difficult for those with the condition to interact socially and communicate effectively. People with autism may find it difficult to understand how others feel, which can lead to difficult social situations. They may often find they say the wrong thing because they can't process someone else's emotions. Autistic people can struggle to understand that other people think and feel differently to themselves, and they can often fixate on one topic that interests them without realising it might not interest others.

Autistic children can also use gestures and body language in a different way to most people. They may not smile much, or make proper eye contact. Communication skills can vary, from those with excellent vocabularies to those with no speech at all.

Learning challenges for children with Autism

School can be very difficult for autistic children. They may struggle to make friends if they find communication difficult, which can make them feel isolated and lonely. Their lack of eye contact can be off-putting for other children, and they might find it hard to understand some of the things that other children are interested in, especially if their own areas of intense interest are very different.

Routine is very important for those living with autism, and they may struggle if their routines change. The environment of a school is a challenge for this reason, as they can't predict how others around them will behave. The child may be easily upset by unexpected loud noises, someone touching them or another child talking too loudly or too quickly.

Autistic children can also be very literal, which can cause confusion in the classroom and easy misunderstanding. Their intense interest in particular topics may also mean they struggle to focus on other subject areas.

Difficulty at school can be upsetting, both for you and your child.

We have solutions for helping your autistic child with schoolwork

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, help is here. 1300 Hometutor have tutors who specialise in working with children with autism. Our online tutors are experienced in teaching  autistic children and will deliver lessons that have been proven to deliver results. This means they can study from home in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Autism tutoring plays to your child's strengths to help them learn. They may be very knowledgeable about their areas of particular interest, and likely have an excellent memory for detail. Our tutors will work with your child and their way of learning to help them to learn most effectively without becoming overwhelmed.

You may find that tutoring for autistic children can help to improve their confidence. If they can get extra help with their studies, they will feel under less pressure at school. Success at school will boost their confidence and help them to learn to communicate better with their peers.

Your child's education is important, so book a free learning assessment today and help your child overcome their education challenges.


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