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Our aim is to help children succeed by identifying the gaps that exist in their learning and creating a plan to get them back on track. Maths concepts that are missing are often the root cause of students failing maths. Our tutors are trained to find the missing pieces and to implement strategies to get students back on track. We believe in solid skills in basic maths which then enables ability and achievement in advanced maths.

All lessons are taught by Australian educators with many years of experience and all levels cover the Key Concepts from ACARA & The new National Curriculum.

1300 HOMETUTOR lessons closely follow the levelling of The National Curriculum
  • Primary Levels starting from Foundation Level.
  • High School Maths tutoring for Levels 7 to 10 including Advanced Student Levels.
  • Career Path Maths Levels, 11 & 12, including Level 13 Advanced Math for Entry Level Uni
Why choose 1300 HOMETUTOR?
  • One low weekly fee can cover the whole family
  • Our maths tutors come to you and deliver one-on-one private maths tutoring
  • We hire Australian maths tutors that can teach the Australian Curriculum

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Maths Tutoring Testimonial

"Hi David,

We just wanted to send a quick note about the boys, Ronan Grade 1 and Josh in Prep. Since Ronan has started his lessons with you he has progressed out of sight compared to where he was a few months ago. As you know from last time I spoke to you Ronan was put in a special group in his grade 1 class at the school and has been getting extra help when they could spare it. He was due to be assessed again at school to see if he should be getting special ed support because he has struggled badly with doing basic maths and spelling too. After he has been doing his lessons with you for the last month he can now say the alphabet and knows all the letters and sounds too. It's good that he can see the letters and hear the sounds as well when he works on them. He is a different little boy than he was a month ago and he is enjoying things at school too.

Every afternoon both boys go to Nanna's til I have finished work and they do their lessons there as well. Mum said they are so keen now they even are fighting over who gets on and does their lessons first. She said she is amazed at the change in Ronan especially, and in his attitude. Ronans maths is improving out of sight and when we are driving in the car he can tell me all the sums he knows now. That's a big improvement because I used to have to hold up my fingers so he could count and take away , now he can do it himself in his head and on his own. Anyway what I wanted to say is that after the teachers visits and him using the lessons each day Ronan has improved 100% in our eyes and the school just called and told me that they tested Ronan again today and now he will not be in the special ed group. They didn't know that we had started his tutoring with you and his teacher asked what had happened with him. I said yes we have been getting him extra help outside of school for the last month or so. So just a note to say happy happy and thanks from Brian and myself. -   Josh is breaking his neck to do his work as well so we know he will be on the right track too."

From Andrea and Brian. C.  Beenleigh


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