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Maths concepts that are missing are often the root cause of students failing maths. 1300 HOMETUTOR teachers are trained to find the missing pieces and to implement strategies to get students back on track. We believe in solid skills in basic maths which then enables ability and achievement in advanced maths.

All lessons taught by Australian teachers with many years of classroom experience.

All Levels cover the Key Concepts from ACARA & The new National Curriculum.

1300 HOMETUTOR Lessons closely follow the Levelling of The National Curriculum

  • Primary Levels starting from Foundation Level.
  • High Maths for Levels 7 to 10 including Advanced Student Levels.
  • Career Path Maths Levels, 11 & 12, including Level 13 Advanced Math for Entry Level Uni.
Our teachers come to you
Australian teachers teaching the Australian Curriculum
One low weekly fee can cover the whole family

'Foundations for Life'


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