Rick & Leisa, Brisbane

Sophie, hi just wanted to say thank you so much, Uhlan is so proud of himself, and so he should be , you guys are fantastic, Ava has used the phone service a few times now and can't tell you what that's done for her, knowing anytime she has trouble you guys are there to help, talk her through.

And I won't go into how amazing Joyce is, I might not stop lol honestly, that lady, how she builds such a repour with the children, they look forward to her visit each and every week. Leisa and I both think the world of her, and can't recommend her and 1300 home tutor enough.

Looking forward to watching the kids continue to improve.

Rick and Leisa

Katrina Hickson, Brisbane

Hi Sophie,

I just wanted to pass on some feedback in relation to Angela. Since Angela started working with our three boys they have really taken to her. They boys have been improving well at school particularly Tallis of whom is starting to get a few A- which is a huge jump from C's.

Angela so firm but fair and that is exactly what our three boys needed. We cannot that Angela and 1300HomeTutor enough!!




Jess Gunther

Hello again Donna,

I had Parent Teacher interviews on Monday for both my girls and the discussion and results were amazing. I just wanted to send an email to let you know that Helen and the help of your phone support team have done an amazing job to help my girls along. Annabelle's teachers have been absolutely thrilled with how far Annabelle has come in the last 6 months and is understanding a lot of Maths and has become a star student. Helen has made a massive impact on Annabelle with the time and effort she puts in.

Annabelle has gone from stressing, tantrums and meltdowns with just the thought of homework to relaxed, motivated and happy to get it done. The teachers (Annabelle has two) are really impressed and her grading has reflected that.

Could you please pass this onto Helen, she has made a massive impact in our lives and will be forever grateful for all she has done.

Have a wonderful day.



Rohan F, Aubin Grove Perth WA

Hi Mel,

Thanks for the phone call back and as discussed I wish to give some feedback about how the kids are going. As you know we first started the course in June 2015 and Emma their home visiting teacher has been just brilliant and has done a wonderful job with both the kids, we wish we had of done the tuition sooner as the kids love it and they have achieved much higher grades since starting. Mel as I mentioned I have also sent you the details for my friend Jacob and please call him as he is keen to get the help for his children too.

Kind Regards,


A Quinn, Coomera QLD


We are current customers of 1300 Hometutor and Tatiana (our teacher) has been tutoring our 2 children since June 2015. She has such patience with the children and I have seen a marked improvement in their grades.

Thank you Tatiana.

Anne Hlvrsn,  Karana Downs QLD

Hi Kim

Thanks for the call back about the boys, like I said to you last week I am extremely happy with the teacher Janet and both the boys get on so well with her too. Ryan is coming along really well and with Jack!  I am just over the moon with his progress. Jack was getting teased at school and his confidence was shattered. Since he's started with you guys and having Janet to help him his confidence has boosted immensely. Jack is so very proud now every time he receives a certificate for passing his lesson, and especially because he doesn't ever see them at school. I am more than happy to spend my money on the tuition course for what it has done for Jack. We just got the boys end of Semester One Report cards yesterday in the post and I am jumping for joy because  they have now got straight C's. Since Prep it has been an uphill battle for them but since starting with you it is now really paying off. I am very excited for the boys future now and actually I just did a little happy dance..lol..Kim I am shouting it from the rooftops anyway but if you want to use this as a reference that's perfectly fine by me...

Kind Regards


Tanya Hansen

Hi Donna

I just wanted to let you know that Caitlin and Nicholas have just received their first report cards since commencing with 1300hometutor.

My husband and I are overwhelmed by their results. Both children received "achieving above expected level" results for the first time EVER!!!!!
We think this is very clear evidence that the program does work and have referred a few friends to the program and hope that they too will start soon and watch their children advance as much as ours have in just a short space of time.

Their teacher Angela is the most enthusiastic, caring and patient teacher we could have ever asked for.

Thank you so much for your time and effort reviewing their weekly reports.

Best wishes


Andrew & Donna S.

Hello Ray and all the tutors

Since our last talk about Toni and Jack we thought we would give you a bit of an update on how they are going with things. They are really working well and as you said Toni needed to go back to Level 1 in maths and english and she has now got back to her  grade 4 work levels. She has really enjoyed getting the certificates as she has passed each level and she's excited now to keep going. That's a nice change from just last year when she didn't even want to go to school. With Toni we have had to limit the amount she does on the lessons each time as she wouldn't stop. Jack has gotten a lot of confidence back too from the work he has done so far. He had been going pretty bad at school and he had a bit of a reputation as the class clown. The thing is we have noticed that he now has the confidence to actually ask questions in class and for the first time we have seen he is keen to learn .So despite what his class mates might be saying Jack has the confidence now to put his hand up and actually join in at school. None of them get much homework so it's good that they can do your lessons each day to keep them going on. Jack has actually surprised Donna and me by now starting to read books and not just the magazines like he used to do. It's a good feeling for us to see the kids wanting to learn more and be happy about it too. So we wanted to say thanks again.

Andrew & Donna S.

Karen W.

Hello Mark & Staff at home tutor.

We wanted to follow up our phone call with a thank you note from Carly and myself for all your help the past year. I am especially grateful and so pleased to see Carly progressing on from where she was at the beginning of  grade 6  this year to the happy girl she is now. Full credit for this to your help as she is now working at Grade 6 with maths and english and last year in grade 5 she couldn't do grade 3 things. She is a different girl now and is happy to be going to school again. That pleases me especially with High School coming up soon. I must admit it's been hard for me as a single parent and sometimes things get to me but at the same time I am really glad that I spent the money to help Carly. It's worth it just to see her self esteem back up high and I feel proud as a parent watching her do her work easily now. Thanks again for taking the time with my daughter and pass that on to all the teachers too.

Kind Regards Karen. W.

Andrea & Brian C.

Hi David,

We just wanted to send a quick note about the boys, Ronan Grade 1 and Josh in Prep. Since Ronan has started his lessons with you he has progressed out of sight compared to where he was a few months ago. As you know from last time I spoke to you Ronan was put in a special group in his grade 1 class at the school and has been getting extra help when they could spare it. He was due to be assessed again at school to see if he should be getting special ed support because he has struggled badly with doing basic maths and spelling too. After he has been doing his lessons with you for the last month he can now say the alphabet and knows all the letters and sounds too. It's good that he can see the letters and hear the sounds as well when he works on them. He is a different little boy than he was a month ago and he is enjoying things at school too.Every afternoon both boys go to nanna's til I have finished work and they do their lessons there as well.Mum said they are so keen now they even are fighting over who gets on and does their lessons first. She said she is amazed at the change in Ronan especially, and in his attitude. Ronans maths is improving out of sight and when we are driving in the car he can tell me all the sums he knows now. That's a big improvement because I used to have to hold up my fingers so he could count and take away , now he can do it himself in his head and on his own. Anyway what I wanted to say is that after the teachers visits and him using the lessons each day Ronan has improved 100% in our eyes and the school just called and told me that they tested Ronan again today and now he will not be in the special ed group. They didn't know that we had started his tutoring with you and his teacher asked what had happened with him. I said yes we have been getting him extra help outside of school for the last month or so. So just a note to say happy happy and thanks from Brian and myself. -   Josh is breaking his neck to do his work as well so we know he will be on the right track too.

From Andrea and Brian. C.  Beenleigh

Gillian B. - Emerald, QLD

Hi again, after calling you about Kirsty and how she is going I thought I would email you about just what happened with her and her school report. As I said to your local assessor when he came to our house Kirsty has been really struggling for a year or so. Anyway when I got her end of year report from last year it said she was getting d's for maths and english. Well it said developing actually which I was told means a d. So I went up to the school and spoke to her class teacher from last year and she said not to worry about getting tuition or anything because Kirsty would probably always just struggle along getting low marks. I was in tears when I got home because I know she is a bright kid and she should be doing a lot better.When Brian came around from hometutor I told him all that and he said just to focus on getting the right help for Kirsty at home for now and see what we can do. Well that's the reason I rang yesterday because I just got her Report and she got a C plus now for maths and english and her reading score is a lot better now too. I am really so happy because I knew she had the ability to be doing better than she was. Kirsty has better confidence now when she is trying to do things and she is starting to enjoy school again so that makes me pretty happy I can tell you. Thanks very much again and I am looking forward to her next term at school and seeing her results improve again.

Gillian and Marty B.  


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