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We take the stress away!

Every parent wants and thinks the same thing - "I JUST WANT MY CHILD TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE".

Our online tutoring is designed around each student with the objective of getting them back on track. Studies of under-performing students show that students often require extra daily support on top of their regular school work. Research also suggests that the classroom environment is usually geared for the average student and this may not suit all students. This is where 1300 HOMETUTOR can help!

Our online tutoring takes the stress away from parents by providing...

Private 1-to-1 Tutor
We can provide students with their very own private online tutor to help guide them through their learning journey and liaise with parents.
Daily Tutor Support via Phone
Our Gold Level Online Tutoring Package includes access to tutors via phone for 18 hours a week to help answer any questions your child may have.
School Assignment & Homework Support
Daily support for children who require direction with school assignments and assitance with how to structure their written work.
Parent's Report
Parents receive access to a detailed daily report of their child's progress, which allows them to monitor learning activity and view each lesson outcome.
Online Maths & English Lessons
We will tailor each lesson to suit your child's needs and ability. Each student will receive access to an extensive range of Online Maths and Online English lessons, which allow them to study, practice and then complete tests.
Online Assessments
Our online tutors will initially assess your child's Maths & English ability to find any missing gaps. This allows us to start your child at the most appropriate level and tailor a lesson plan to get them back on track as quickly as possible.
Reward Certificates
Every lesson has a pass or fail and a Personalised Certificate of Merit for every student when they pass their lesson. The certificates display the student's score, their name, date and time of completion so parents can view the results.


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